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United States: Vincent City, where the police departmen …

America: The police department was removed from the city due to the racist messages of two police officers.

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According to reports, the police department in Vincent, a small town in the US state of Alabama, was disbanded after the exchange of racist text messages between two officers.
The racist messages were first reported by a website on August 2, the same day the Vincent City Council meeting was held.
Before the city council meeting, local police chief James Sargley said that his department was conducting an internal investigation and that appropriate action would be taken against those responsible. But on August 4, it was revealed that in fact, Racist messages were exchanged between the two officers, James Sergley was one of those who was fired, James Sergley’s deputy, John L. Goss, was subsequently fired, and the entire department was later disbanded by the City Council. The decision to do so was abolished by voting. The population of this city is only 2 thousand, of which 500 are black Americans.