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UAE: Gov. disburses allowances to 47,300 low-income Em …

Abu Dhabi: The UAE government has distributed inflation allowances to support 47,300 low-income Emirati families with the rising costs of food, fuel, electricity, and water. 

The UAE Ministry of Community Development has approved the disbursement of fuel allowance for families of low income since mid-July 2022. However, on August 5, it began disbursing the food subsidy allowance, followed by the electricity and water allowance.

According to the ministry, the value of the monthly fuel allowance is based on the social level of each family and changes with the price of fuel. Throughout the month, it can be obtained using the Emirates ID card at any of ADNOC Distribution stations across the UAE.

The food subsidy allowance is also given out in accordance with the inflation rates of staple foods, and it is affected by changes in the inflation rates of staple food prices. Similarly, it is distributed according to the social status of each family.

According to the ministry, all beneficiaries of inflation-allowances registered for the fuel allowance are also registered for the food allowance automatically. Text messages are sent to these recipients to confirm their registration, and an account is created that is connected to their Emirates IDs. By visiting one of the approximately 100 Lulu Hypermarket locations in the UAE and showing their Emirates IDs upon being paid, the families can reap the benefits of the value of the allowance that is due throughout the month.

The ministry said that to receive the monthly subsidy, the beneficiaries of the inflation allowances will be automatically registered for the consumption of electricity and water for the upcoming period.

Significantly, people can register with the digital identity or the Emirates ID through the ministry’s website ( and the smart app for social assistance and inquiries.