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There is fierce fighting in east Ukraine, and Zelensky …

With heavy fighting in the east and south, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky claimed his country’s military were “doing everything” to stop the Russian offensive.

On Friday, Kyiv said that further air attacks had been initiated in the occupied southern province of Kherson, one of the first locations taken by Russia after the February 24 invasion.

However, Zelensky warned on Friday that “extremely severe fighting” were still going on in the eastern Donbas region, particularly around the eastern industrial city of Severodonetsk, where Moscow has concentrated its artillery.

“Ukrainian troops are doing everything they can to stop the occupiers’ onslaught,” Zelensky stated in a speech.

“As much as heavy weaponry and sophisticated artillery — everything we’ve asked for and continue to ask our partners for — they’ll be able to.”

The regional governor in Mykolaiv, near the battle line in the south, emphasized the urgent necessity for foreign military aid.

“The Russian army is more powerful, with more artillery and ammunition. For the time being, this is an artillery conflict… and we’re out of ammunition “Vitaliy Kim expressed his thoughts.

“European and American assistance is critical because we just require ammunition to protect our country.”

In his speech, Zelensky stated that Ukraine must “not allow the world’s attention to be diverted away from what is happening on the battlefield.”

People in the town of Lysychansk, directly over the river from Severodonetsk, told AFP that they had to choose between staying and enduring the shelling or fleeing and abandoning their homes.

The only method to get water, according to Yevhen Zhyryada, 39, was to go to a water distribution site in town.

He explained, “We have to travel there under bombardment and firing.”

“This is how we keep ourselves alive.”