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Pakistan floods damage iconic Mohenjo-Daro ruins

Islamabad : Iconic sites in Pakistan’s Sindh province such as the Mohenjo-Daro ruins, Kot Diji, Ranikot suffered widespread damage during the recent disastrous floods.

The record rain at Mohenjo-Daro alone destroyed excavated portions and revealed those buried beneath by making furrows in them, according to various news reports.
The accumulated water has seeped into the excavated areas, loosening the soil and resultantly tilting the walls.

This site, among the primary surviving bastions of the Indus Valley Civilization as it dates back to 2,500 B.C., is one of the last remaining connections Pakistan has with prehistory, media reported.

The Mound of the Dead, one of Mohenjo-Daro’s most iconic features, is covered in blue tarpaulin.
According to media, water pours into the areas of the site that have not been excavated, creating channels as it passes, while workers hurry to reinforce the retaining wall of the mound. The relentless rain that has submerged most of Sindh has not spared these remains too.

Heritage and archaeological monuments all around the province are in serious need of maintenance, even as the government and social organizations fight to help the hundreds of thousands made homeless by the brutal monsoon downpours.

Reports coming from different regions of the province paint a very gloomy picture; Media stated that the very forts and tombs that represent the region’s illustrious past are now in danger of collapsing.

In addition, the Buddhist stupa at Thul Mir Rukan’s drum has been damaged as a result of the bad weather.

The floods have not spared the famous Makli monuments in Thatta and Banbhore either, both internationally renowned archaeological sites.