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Israel to grant 3,200 Palestinians ID cards and Palestinian passports

After decades of heavily restricted movement, thousands of Palestinians are to receive Israeli ID cards and Palestinian passports that will allow them to travel more freely.

Israeli authorities have granted identification cards to 3,200 Palestinians living in the West Bank, reported Siasat News.

Last week, Palestinian civil affairs minister Hussein Al-Sheikh said in a statement that his office was able to “get Israel to approve the applications for citizenship and will continue to follow up on thousands of other names sent to the Israeli side,” reported Middle East Monitor.

According to Mr Al-Sheikh, the applications include requests for identity cards and the issue of changing addresses between the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Millions of Palestinians have not been able to leave Gaza or live without fear of deportation since Israel occupied Palestine.

Since 1967, Israel has had control over the Palestinian population registry. The occupying state has full authority over issuing Palestinian ID cards and passports and deciding who gets to enter and exit the country.

It has been 12 years since Israel stopped processing requests for Palestinian family reunification, leaving thousands of Palestinians without legal status and the inability to travel or access healthcare, jobs, an education, or the legal system, including for divorces.