You are currently viewing Fans in the United Arab Emirates respond to BTS’s latest anthology album, ‘Proof’

Fans in the United Arab Emirates respond to BTS’s latest anthology album, ‘Proof’

‘The album is incredibly emotional, and it was certainly made for Army,’ says Khadija Kadry, a fan and Dubai resident.
BTS fans all over the world were overjoyed when the K-pop group’s new compilation album Proof was published on Friday.

There are 48 songs on the triple-album, which include old favorites, solo tracks, and unreleased demos.

Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment), For Youth, and Run BTS are the three new songs.

Fans have hailed the anthology album, but what do Army (the obvious moniker for BTS fans) in the UAE think?

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Majda Rafii, a 38-year-old Dubai resident, became interested in BTS shortly after the outbreak began.

She likes the new album a lot since it encapsulates a lot of what BTS has worked for.

Khadija Kadry is another admirer who discovered the band at the same time. For Youth is her favorite song from the album, which she describes as a “really beautiful song devoted to Army” that she can’t wait to see them perform live.

She, like Rafii, believes that the record is a special tribute to the audience.

“The lyrics, the selected songs, and the concepts behind each tune are all things that fans can understand and identify to,” she says, adding that “the album is incredibly emotional and totally built for Army.”

Meanwhile, Dubai resident Alaa Hussein, 27, has been listening to BTS since 2015. Proof, she agrees, is a celebration of everything they’ve accomplished in their careers thus far.

“With its powerful and deep lyrics, I can say that the new song Yet to Come is a celebration of their history and all of their years together; it’s how they’re happy of their nearly 10-year body of work, which is their greatest legacy since BTS are actually bulletproof,” she says.

Reem Al Mujaini, a new fan, recalls seeing a video of member RM crying during a concert and imploring followers to “please use BTS to love yourself.” She’s been a fan of the band since then.

Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment), which has a similar subject to Life Goes On, is her favorite track from the new album. Both tracks are upbeat about the future.

On a personal level, she says the songs have given her hope again.

The idea of compiling a collection of their songs as well as a history of their achievements during their twenties appealed to me. With them, a new chapter is about to begin.