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At UAE University, the Challenge Jiu-Jitsu Festival will begin on Saturday

The Challenge Jiu-Jitsu Festival will be held at UAE University in Al Ain this weekend, June 18-19, according to the UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation.

The event, now in its third year, will feature athletes aged 4 to 15 competing in a variety of categories.

Hundreds of male and female athletes from various clubs and academies signed up for the event, which concluded on Tuesday, and are prepared to compete in front of an eager, ecstatic throng.

The Challenge Jiu-Jitsu Festival is one of the most important events on the domestic calendar this season, with large crowds attending the last two editions as eager parents attempt to encourage their children to participate in a developing sport with both physical and mental benefits.

“Organizing the third edition of the Challenge Jiu-Jitsu Festival fits into the Federation’s strategy of investing in young talent and refining their skills through participation in tournaments that develop their abilities and boost their self-confidence,” said UAEJJF Board Member Youssef Abdullah Al Batran.

Batran also applauded the tournament’s scheduling, which corresponds with the beginning of students’ summer vacations, making it a fitting end to a lengthy academic year. “Jiu-jitsu strengthens the virtues of belonging, discipline, respect, and dedication – all of which instructors strive to instill in their students throughout their scholastic careers,” he added.

On Saturday, the event will begin with infants participating in white, grey, and yellow belt categories. Juniors and teens, as well as orange and green, will compete on Sunday in the same three divisions.