You are currently viewing An elderly Saudi man from Najran goes viral with his folk dance moves

An elderly Saudi man from Najran goes viral with his folk dance moves

After taking part in a folklore group dance during an event in Najran, Saudi Arabia, an elderly Saudi man captured the attention of millions of social media users.

The viral video footage of the Saudi man has been shared by social media users and a number of celebrities.

The old man was seen enjoying the music from his chair during a social event in the viral video.

Then a young man came up to him and sang a few lines for him, which he enjoyed.

He stood up and joined the man in his routines, which earned a standing ovation from the audience.

A guest commented on how startled he was by the manner he danced.

People can be seen clapping and singing as the elderly man dances to the music.

Even non-Arabs shared the video on their Twitter feeds since it was so popular.

On Twitter, users promoted the hashtag # (#the elderly), emphasizing the significance of include and not disregarding the elderly in celebrations.

“The video is regarded the most watched… a seated elderly person gets enthusiastic with a traditional dance and amazes the viewers,” a twitterati explained.

The original video received thousands of views and likes and was shared across several accounts on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

“The elder they get, the more they need us,” Hussein Al Hatila, a Najran resident and merchant, said.

They are delighted to be with us, and the simplest of pleasures bring them joy.

Let us rejoice with them and make them feel special at all times, because they are the spice of life and the key to our happiness.

Thank you to everyone who shared the video to remind individuals who were preoccupied with life of their joys.”

“If you are old and have others ruin you, the people of Najran will return you back to youth,” wrote Faisal Bin Hasslain, a prominent Saudi socialite.

“A tribute of admiration and honor to this man for crowding boilers and compassion in his heart,” Mana Bin Ali Al-Rubaie posted on Twitter.