You are currently viewing Alexandra Ibrahim is taking over the world of beauty with her one-of-a-kind beauty lounge

Alexandra Ibrahim is taking over the world of beauty with her one-of-a-kind beauty lounge

We’ve seen enormous success stories about guys, but we haven’t seen much about women. Alexandra Ibrahim, on the other hand, is a fantastic illustration of female empowerment. This lady has faced many challenges along the way, but her confidence, talent, expertise, and passion for her profession have led her to incredible success that she could never have imagined.

Originally from Beirut, I now call Dubai, the city of dreams, home. She completed her Master’s degree in marketing and became accredited in the digital marketing field.

She is a digital producer and social media influencer who has dabbled in beauty, fashion, lifestyle, skincare, and other fields. Her willpower and continuous performance drove her to the top.

Alexandra has also worked on incorporating cutting-edge technology and interior design to create an ideal beauty lounge that will provide her clients with professional hair, nail, lash, laminating, waxing, message, hair treatments, and more.

The brand will focus on the needs of their customers and work in accordance with their new technological goods and in-depth knowledge of skilled art to ensure that their customers are completely happy. Her articles are primarily about beauty, skincare, fashion, sports, and lifestyle. In Lebanon, she has worked with the well-known brands Maybelline and Benefit.

Her global success is based on her expertise, skills, and inventiveness. Charlotte Tilbury, L’oreal, JIJIL Collection, The Giving Movement, Honor Arabia, Les Benjamins, Pretty Little Thing, Jw Pie, Foreo, and Noon are just a few of the well-known businesses with which she has collaborated.

She has worked in every part of the globe, providing her expert knowledge, experience, and expertise in her field, and establishing herself as the promising future beauty of the entrepreneurial world.
Though she plans to create her own beauty salon in the UAE, she will face significant obstacles due to competition and shifting market demand. However, with the young lady’s confidence, talent, and expertise, it will be difficult to compete with her. She is an expert in her field, and the people of Dubai will be drawn to her.

The beauty and content creator has raised the bar for herself, causing a stir in the industry. Follow her on Instagram @alexsaibrahim to keep up with her beauty lounge.